All the dwarfs are dead...

After befriending the dragon, the party climbed a ladder into the next part of the sewers. A continuation of the housing area that is also empty much like the previous area. After some poking around, a recounting of the treasures, and a slight zapping due to a power pipe leak., the party arrived at a familiar area.

Several weeks ago, in the party’s first outing in Neuelm, the old world party stayed at a home here. This home belonged to a couple who were part of the waterfall. Shivek and Khosrow not only recognize the house and to their extreme surprise the couple sitting there on the sofa.

After a strangely calm conversation, in which the entire party is made aware that something is off Tyrael decides to shift things into high gear and drinks the mystery tea they have been offered. As soon as the tea touched his lips his natural instincts kicked in and threw it right back up. Right then, the couple jumped the party while shapeshifting into a grey slender creatures with featureless faces. They were doppelgangers.

The party quickly got back into action and dispatched the two doppelgangers and the third that showed up a few seconds later. After taking their loot which was most likely stolen from the people of the city or taken from their corpses, the party continued on.

Soon enough, they found themselves in a familiar tunnel. This was the sewer’s entry point into Neuelm. They opened the way back outside, and turned back in and headed towards Neuelm. However, while making their way, the came across a familiar foul stench. Decomposing bodies. A few more steps and they found the source. A small room with what looked like a broken ladder, a crumpled roof, and stuck iron gate. It was housing at least ten dwarfs, two of which were familiar to the party. Hanz, and her father Thori Firehearth. In Hanz’s clutch was a note:
Dear thousand year old friends,

My name is Thori Fireheart and I am the leader of the Waterfall. When we first met I had many doubts about you, your intentions, and perhaps your abilities. As a result there are many things that I did not share with you nor did I let my daughter Hanz share them with you. However, seeing that your hearts are true and that we are on the same side, I feel as though I should be honest with you.

First order of business would be the Waterfall. This group was initially started as a rebellion. We no longer wanted to be forced under the rule of this monstrous godking and we wanted to decided our own fates instead having them pre written for us. However over my long life, I have been defeated time and again and Waterfall has been reduced to its current shape. A mild nuisance for the state to tolerate. Now we do all we can to prevent abductions and perhaps help those in need.

The following is hastily written. The handwriting is the same but not as neat as above
Second would be myself
Second would be my origins
Second would be our relationship-
Second would be myself. As you can hopefully guess by my name and face, I am very old. In fact, almost as old as you. That means I have seen many things and many of the atrocities Atashsang’s rule has brought on the people. I have traveled to many places of this continent and seen them with my own eyes.
There are abductions, political murders, torture, unjust rulings, and blatant abuse of the world itself. Atashsang has an agenda. Stop him. Stop his servants from abusing the people.

The following is written in a different, finer handwriting.
After hundreds of years I became a Paladin of Torag. I saw his ideals agreeable and I sided with his line of thought to gain power and help the world. It was not that simple. The planes are out of balance and perhaps cut off. You need to restore the world and its natural order. Years after I first learned and used my powers, perhaps hundred or so years, definitely before I had you Hanz, my powers stopped. I simply ran out. Be wary and use your powers wisely and not wastefully. You must repair the world. I have seen people like you before, though not from the old world. Sometimes a sorcerer escapes, sometimes an alchemist starts experimenting and gains access to magic. They are all eliminated. Atashsang has reserved all use of magic for himself and his minions. From what I see, your archaic party has been the most successful so far.

My final piece of advice to you is this. This godking, this monster, and perhaps his entire following. They play by no rules. Be wary of them. Be careful. This world of ours may seem peaceful and functional on the surface and maybe even to some of its citizens it may very well be. But there are much darker secrets with its rulers and outside the safety of the city walls.

In closing I wou-

After the party saw to the dead and read their message, they headed into Neuelm.



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