Neuelm Undergrounds

Why did I agree to that with the dragon...

As the cool morning breeze rolled in from the sea to clear the fog away from Portland, the party began their last preparations for going back to Neuelm. Their equipment were in order, their dependents were sorted, and plans were made for progress in Portland.

Before heading out on one of town’s cars, the party were approached by one of the construction workers with a surprise. During the party’s past few weeks of business, the town had prepared a house for them. Almost an identical model to their apartment on Neuelm and built in place of one of the destroyed houses of Portland. However, after quickly celebrating their new home and checking up the mystery sorcerer from the generator, they were on their way.

In a few hours they had arrived at the forest outpost. The three story house made from the ground up with a mix of magic and good old fashioned engineering. Upon entering, they found footprints. Muddy, yet not fresh. They also found their printing machine cut in half, most of their books burned, and the rest of their house searched. Soon it was confirmed by Tintin, Professor Cox’s small assistant robot, that their guesses were correct. Several people, clad in silver armor and showing the Atash symbol stormed the house several days ago and did this. The party’s flowers were also trampled.

After some discussion, the party moved south. Quickly observing the new construction taking place on the city walls but skillfully and stealthily moving to the Waterfall’s secret entrance, pulling the yellow flower, and walking in. While their old tunnel had been blocked due to a collapsed ceiling, a new tunnel further down had opened up. Seeing no other alternative, the party took the new tunnel.

Upon entering, it was concluded that this area must have been a living area of some sort. Rooms with beds and a few closets, some common rooms, and the sorts. However, it was empty of inhabitants. No one, dead or alive, was anywhere to be seen. Until Hamlim opened a door and was welcomed by a grizzly sight and a foul smell. Corpses littered the ground, most of them decomposing or defiled by some insect or creature. This room’s ceiling had crumbled and as the party had guessed previously, it was the design of the second earthquake. While the party did their best to avoid that room, it was inevitable that they had to cross it as it was the only other exit from that place. It was not that simple however. As they attempted to open the door on the far side of the room, they were attacked! Two carrion golems rose from the defiled corpses on the ground, supported by a giant centipede. While the situation was expertly handled by the party, it was a nasty and disgusting fight.

Soon after the party came to a small cave. Inside was to their surprise, a sleeping green dragon. Shivek, seeing the opportunity (seriously what the fuck) began befriending the dragon. At first, a very risky maneuver, he asserted his status as the alpha of his own pack in front of the dragon, and later he asserted his dominance over the dragon. In the end, in a very strange turn of events, the young green dragon has been recruited into the party. This will certainly not backfire.



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