One week over, one fight fought.

That robot was supposed to be harder...

After the party had agreed to help the construction workers escape in exchange for some of their work, they begun the preparation for their fight.

While the party prepared Tyrael managed to set up a meeting with the angry mob to offer an apology, a month’s supply in exchange for his initial transgresion. While this was yet to be agreed upon, Tyrael was to bring the suppliers to a meeting with the crime organization.

The next day, the day of the fight, the party prepared an ambush in the remains of the construction site. Lokius’ “police” force arrived, begun lining up the construction workers for an execution when the trap was sprang. After a superbly well fought battle with a robot construct and a successful escape through the sewer system and the Waterfall’s secret exit, they were outside the city walls and headed for one of their older camp sites.

All but Tyrael and Hamlim who remained behind.



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