The Forest Outpost

Are you happy that you killed your pet? ;_;

The most memorable event of the week was the construction of the forest outpost. A ways out of the city, during the course of the past week, the party and the recently rescued workers and engineer managed to construct a small house with a few rooms and a bit of a roof.

Day five and it was time for Tyrael and a party member, who happened to be Shivek, to meet with the Cobras. In return for Tyrael’s actions (of cloroforming a high ranking member of the Cobras) two months of their products were promised away as an apology.

Meanwhile, Khosrow has been busy with helping with the construction when he noticed a strange and colorful plant creeping up on their home. In the course of a day and a half it’s trying to climb up their house. He pokes and prods it with a fire to spook it away and it seems to have worked.

Before leaving the city for the forest post, they realize that there is the problem of dealing with Professor Cox’s attachments to the city. His old job, his new job, his house where people will look for him. Their solution? To stage his death. After procuring a corpse (Tyrael know people) and preparing an accidental looking fire, they burn down his house.

With smoke behind them, they leave for the forest outpost. Upon arrival, they too notice the plant. Shivek begins befriending it. The plant acts surprisingly friendly and animal like and seems to have no intentional harm towards them. However, Khosrow seeing an opportunity and also holding some personal grudge against the plant from before (when the plant disarmed) charges it and begins attacking it. The plant despite being fairly strong, begins backing off. However being pretty much surrounded, any move of it is seen as a threat and it is killed and turned into a bunch of brown goop in a matter of minutes.

The party goes back to planning, preparing, and figuring out their lives.



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