The microwave

Because nothing bad happens when you start arresting people.

Made minor progress in the outpost.

While the furnishings of the outpost was a few days from being over, the party decided to depart towards Portland. Partly because of better leadership capabilities, partly to not have to constantly move to and from the outpost, and partly out of fear that their position may have been compromised.

As such, to the minor annoyance of the construction workers, the party left the outpost with only Tintin in charge of printing more books and tending the flowers.

On their trip, besides running into the local wildlife and the acquisition of a rather large snake as a new party member, the ran into a car dragging a cart behind it. An ambush was set up and skillfully executed. The two orc drivers dispatched and the passengers arrested and threatened. The cargo, was discovered to be a device for generating intense heat in short periods of time.

The party decided to move on towards Portland and deal with the Coast land scientist and his device later.



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