The Power Generator

The power! It's people!

After the party’s recent endeavors in being careful and recon, they jumped to action. The party decided to let Professor Cox prepared a massive bomb with the intent of destroying the city’s power generator and use the ensuing chaos and damage to their benefit.

Through some amount of care and a large amount of luck, the party delivered the bomb to the doorsteps of the power generator. Thankfully, being lightly guarded, they quickly dispatched the two orcs at the door and using Khosrow’s orc disguise, they entered. Taking several long flights of stairs down into a vast empty room, they were greeted by two lightning elementals. Beings familiar to those of the old world but completely alien to those of the new one. After the ensuing conflict was resolved, they finally took in the details of the room.

At its center, a large supporting pillar, two metal coils, a great many cables, and a man exuding electricity. At the north end, many complex machines with features ranging from miniature clockwork systems to completely baffling electrical machines. At the west wall, sixteen containers for the power generated there, and at the south wall, a covered corpse on a metal bed, and three containers full of green goo, preserving three bodies.

After short deliberations of their current situation, saving two of the people in vats, taking note of the power generation mechanism and in particular the fact that it was extracting magic., the party lit the fuse on their bomb and bolted out of the generator facility. A long minute later, and the loud rumble and the electrical blueish fire that exploded out of the power generator entrance was a sure sign that their mission was successful.

Quickly taking note of the fact that most likely the entire garrison will be coming down on them at this very moment, they gathered the three people they managed to save, took their boat, and left the city in as much of a hurry as they could.



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