The Shooting Star

Have you ever been hunted?

The party retreated to their forest outpost to think more on their plans, they noticed a curious oddity. A shooting star, streaking across the sky. However, this star shone brighter and slower than anything they had seen before. It traveled north over their heads and landed thirty leagues north.

Before heading out to scout out what happened to their north, they headed out to the city one more time to buy supplies and to see what the aftermath of their escape has been. So far not much has been changed besides the fact that the bar that they were using for has been burnt to the ground. with a single piece of paper in front of it with the symbol of Atashsang upon it.

After leaving the city, they put Prof. Cox’s servant on the duty of printing more books and head out north. After a couple run ins with the forest wild life, which seems to have aggressively evolved and changed from a thousand years ago, they arrive at their destination.

Their destination, was Port Land.

Upon arrival, they noticed many burnt buildings among which there was the hospital, which was now a five story tall charred frame of a building and several houses amongst which was Jane’s home.

This act of arson however was committed by several heavily armored men who walked out of a large obsidian sphere which is assumed to be the initially seen shooting star.

Knowing this information, the party begins securing the town and their perimeter.



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