The Waterfall

The "underground" turned out to be literally underground.

After a bit of deliberation on their current situation while sitting in the recently “liberated” bunker, the party decided to head south to the nearest large city.
After arriving at the city and faffing about a bit at the gates, they were introduced to Hanz who just so happens to be the self proclaimed leader of the underground group named “The Waterfall”.
As the party entered the underground, decommissioned tunnels under the city, Hamlim began hearing voices. A strange occurrence that soon spread to the rest of the party. While the party was getting friendly with both Hanz and the voice after their tour of the city, the secret hideout of Hanz was attacked. A surprisingly small force of attack but attacked nonetheless. Amidst the ash that was the body of the obsidian orc was a note thanking Hamlim. This went only to confirm the suspicions of the party that the voice in their heads was in fact the ruler of the city, Lukios.
The party soon after the attack moved to a new hideout that seems relatively safe so far, they spent the night dreaming familiar dreams and to wake the next day to plan their next steps.



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