Tom and Brad

These guys aren't in their time too!

After the party’s last exploit, they decided to take the next few days slowly and quietly.

First, they spent a good amount of time interviewing the two dwarfs who were rescued. Shortly after their waking, it was found that the two dwarfs were 20 years old when they were given to the government by their parents. Of course their memories have been slightly damaged but it seems to the party that the last time they were awake it was the year 991. These were teenage/young adults, at the time of their maturity when taken away by the Tyranny.

Afterwards, the party headed into the city to both gather information about the situation and also to exploit said situation to their benefit. What they gather is that the city is in the initial shock stage of a great tragic event. There are many people in the streets, especially at the government’s buildings, both asking about the situation and giving their own opinions about the situation and the government’s handling (or lack thereof) of it.

The party also got a brief look at the remnants of their handiwork, a 15 meter long jet of electric blueish flame, still ablaze in the entrance to the power generator.

Afterwards the party retreated to their forest outpost, not long after receiving several crossbow bolts in their boat as a parting gift.



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