Portland's management

Town sim 2015

Upon their arrival, the party was quick to get to work to address a few issues in Portland.

The first issue upon their arrival was their prisoners. The decision was made to utilize the recently vacated government outpost south of the town. After a quick scouting trip showed that it had been completely stripped and vacated it was deemed safe enough to store two relatively harmless individuals. The party stood at the uncomfortable position of not being able to release them, since they immediately confessed that they would rush to authorities and explain everything, nor being able to kill them, since they had done nothing wrong but being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The second issue, was the party’s previous dependants. The dwarf “children” and the construction workers. While initially both were occupied with the construction of the saw mill, that was quickly over. As such the construction workers were assigned to helping with the reconstruction of the town and the dwarfs were taught the ways of the forge and assigned there until the party checks on them again.

The largest issue however was food. Operating on the assumption that the city was no longer to receive food the party began planning and preparing farms and fishing systems for the town. Their reasonings for the incoming food shortage was that not only was the town attacked by the Tyranny (as the party has taken to calling the Atashin or the government) but also its sole reason for existence, the town’s “hospital” was burned down. Regardless, farms were made, boat schematics drawn, and self sustenance of food was scheduled for week four or five of next month.

Now that the town was somewhat well managed however, the party decided to pay a visit south to Neuelm. The needed to check on the state of the town, now that they were sure it would take at least a month for power to come back. And they also needed to check on the science fair which was scheduled to happen this week. The question remained however: How were they planning to get in?



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