Death by fire and brimstone

The adventure began in a tavern as most do however our party was soon asked to leave to the garrison for a mass evacuation of all casters. Soon after the evacuation they were attacked by an invading army of a god. Unfortunately for our party, they found themselves in a dead end route of an ice cave, and were soon flooded by lava.

Strangely however, they woke up to find themselves in a strange new place. Surrounded by strange machines and tools and unknown and strangely dressed figures. After finding out that they indeed survived the sinking in the lava and have awoken at least a thousand years into the future.

With every passing interaction they learn new and mostly unsetteling things about their new world. According to Jane, the surgeon they awoke to, the world is ruled over by a single god, magic is not supposed to exist, and maps are somewhere between taboo, rare, and outright illegal.

They now wait in the Hospital after their magical powers have made an explosive return, waiting for Shivek’s wolf to be thawed and to be introduced to another possible survivor from the ice caves.



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