Two more members, a drug business, and a rebelion.
Who knew crime lord could roll 20s for sense motive?

Five more days pass and events transpire. The party is rapidly moving towards definitive milestones in their plan.

The first step to their plan, funding it, involved earning money through sale of creative greenery. The first batch of the herbs, a type of pain relief leafs grown by Shivek, were sold for the substantial sum of 3000 gold to the nearby pharmacy as the hope is that their chemicals can be used for creating new medicines. In doing so however, they gather the attention of Tyrael. A relatively experienced drug dealer. Soon after, they are acquainted and Tyrael decides to help with the sale of the rest of the produced greenery.

Meanwhile, Professor Cox, a clockwork mechanical engineer comes into the possession of the power generator plans the party received from Andrew. In about half a day, he is acquainted with the party, their abilities, and their ideas. He decides to help the party with any engineering needs they may have and also to help Andrew out of his deep deep hole by helping in the design of the power generator.

While these new characters joined the party and helped their cause, two other pathways of adventure continued. The Library cult continues on. They have successfully had their meeting with seven new comers, interested in the ideas of not living in a tyrannical world. Khosrow managed to almost perfectly replicate the book of the teachings of Sarenrae and is waiting for a printing press to be constructed.

Shivek’s plan for an outpost outside the city goes well. He managed to find all the equipment needed and Hamlim managed to find a construction crew to help them with their construction. At the cost of helping the construction crew rebel against guard detachment coming for their certain death.

At the end of the week however, as Tyrael was going to meet with his regulars to sell the final batch of the drugs, a mysterious character came instead. His caution taking control, Tyrael escaped to a nearby fire escape and dropped down on the mysterious character with chloroform, knocking him out. After not finding anything of interest besides absurd sums of gold and a well decorated knife on him, he secured him and awaited his awakening. The mysterious character awoke, angered at his welcoming ceremony and left while threatening Tyrael. After some thought, Tyrael noticed he had pissed off one of the higher ranking officials of one of the city’s crime organizations.

A safe house, a cult, and a rebelion
The beginnings of the first steps

After awaking from another night of horrid nightmares, the party got to discussing the next steps of their plans.
Soon after , they were introduced to Thori Fireheart. The actual leader of the waterfall and whom gave them a few options about their next steps. iT WAS It was then that decided that the best way to slowly take control over the city would be to work alongside the waterfall and not directly for them, incite a rebellion, partially through a cult, while staging everything from their safe house.
So they set off on their adventure. They found a decent enough apartment in a three story building and began renovating. They then went through the city bars from different areas, looking for potential disgruntled citizens. They found a few different potential people but nothing too serious. The most serious lead they found was an anxious engineer working on a dead end project who seemed to have given up. As a result they decided to pursue their cult a bit more and see if the introduction to new ways of life would spark any sort of curiosity or demands for change from the citizens.

The Waterfall
The "underground" turned out to be literally underground.

After a bit of deliberation on their current situation while sitting in the recently “liberated” bunker, the party decided to head south to the nearest large city.
After arriving at the city and faffing about a bit at the gates, they were introduced to Hanz who just so happens to be the self proclaimed leader of the underground group named “The Waterfall”.
As the party entered the underground, decommissioned tunnels under the city, Hamlim began hearing voices. A strange occurrence that soon spread to the rest of the party. While the party was getting friendly with both Hanz and the voice after their tour of the city, the secret hideout of Hanz was attacked. A surprisingly small force of attack but attacked nonetheless. Amidst the ash that was the body of the obsidian orc was a note thanking Hamlim. This went only to confirm the suspicions of the party that the voice in their heads was in fact the ruler of the city, Lukios.
The party soon after the attack moved to a new hideout that seems relatively safe so far, they spent the night dreaming familiar dreams and to wake the next day to plan their next steps.

The first spark of friction
Where the party met and subsequently killed (in self defense) four government agents

After their night of nightmares and their acquaintance with even stranger aspects of technology of this new world they met two new characters. An industrialist from another city, to their knowledge one of the only people who has ever left their city, and a fatally ill patient of the same hospital called Dave.

Unfortunately for the party during their discussions with Dave about how the world isn’t actually as pretty as is being portrayed they were interrupted. A six foot tall orc, with skin that moved like plastic and looked like obsidian asked the party to leave with him for official government business. The party reluctantly followed after they slowly realized that these orcs were accompanied by magic smelling armored dogs.

Soon they arrived at a bunker like structure in the outskirts of the city. They were being forced and vaguely coerced into entering the rather suspicious looking structure when tension rose too high and weapons were drawn. The party, besides one unfortunate lucky blow from a luck orc, ended the government agents without much problems. The looked around the bunker to discover an office, some paper work, and a single bedroom with a giant bed. They now await to see what the future will bring.

Death by fire and brimstone

The adventure began in a tavern as most do however our party was soon asked to leave to the garrison for a mass evacuation of all casters. Soon after the evacuation they were attacked by an invading army of a god. Unfortunately for our party, they found themselves in a dead end route of an ice cave, and were soon flooded by lava.

Strangely however, they woke up to find themselves in a strange new place. Surrounded by strange machines and tools and unknown and strangely dressed figures. After finding out that they indeed survived the sinking in the lava and have awoken at least a thousand years into the future.

With every passing interaction they learn new and mostly unsetteling things about their new world. According to Jane, the surgeon they awoke to, the world is ruled over by a single god, magic is not supposed to exist, and maps are somewhere between taboo, rare, and outright illegal.

They now wait in the Hospital after their magical powers have made an explosive return, waiting for Shivek’s wolf to be thawed and to be introduced to another possible survivor from the ice caves.


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