All the dwarfs are dead...

After befriending the dragon, the party climbed a ladder into the next part of the sewers. A continuation of the housing area that is also empty much like the previous area. After some poking around, a recounting of the treasures, and a slight zapping due to a power pipe leak., the party arrived at a familiar area.

Several weeks ago, in the party’s first outing in Neuelm, the old world party stayed at a home here. This home belonged to a couple who were part of the waterfall. Shivek and Khosrow not only recognize the house and to their extreme surprise the couple sitting there on the sofa.

After a strangely calm conversation, in which the entire party is made aware that something is off Tyrael decides to shift things into high gear and drinks the mystery tea they have been offered. As soon as the tea touched his lips his natural instincts kicked in and threw it right back up. Right then, the couple jumped the party while shapeshifting into a grey slender creatures with featureless faces. They were doppelgangers.

The party quickly got back into action and dispatched the two doppelgangers and the third that showed up a few seconds later. After taking their loot which was most likely stolen from the people of the city or taken from their corpses, the party continued on.

Soon enough, they found themselves in a familiar tunnel. This was the sewer’s entry point into Neuelm. They opened the way back outside, and turned back in and headed towards Neuelm. However, while making their way, the came across a familiar foul stench. Decomposing bodies. A few more steps and they found the source. A small room with what looked like a broken ladder, a crumpled roof, and stuck iron gate. It was housing at least ten dwarfs, two of which were familiar to the party. Hanz, and her father Thori Firehearth. In Hanz’s clutch was a note:
Dear thousand year old friends,

My name is Thori Fireheart and I am the leader of the Waterfall. When we first met I had many doubts about you, your intentions, and perhaps your abilities. As a result there are many things that I did not share with you nor did I let my daughter Hanz share them with you. However, seeing that your hearts are true and that we are on the same side, I feel as though I should be honest with you.

First order of business would be the Waterfall. This group was initially started as a rebellion. We no longer wanted to be forced under the rule of this monstrous godking and we wanted to decided our own fates instead having them pre written for us. However over my long life, I have been defeated time and again and Waterfall has been reduced to its current shape. A mild nuisance for the state to tolerate. Now we do all we can to prevent abductions and perhaps help those in need.

The following is hastily written. The handwriting is the same but not as neat as above
Second would be myself
Second would be my origins
Second would be our relationship-
Second would be myself. As you can hopefully guess by my name and face, I am very old. In fact, almost as old as you. That means I have seen many things and many of the atrocities Atashsang’s rule has brought on the people. I have traveled to many places of this continent and seen them with my own eyes.
There are abductions, political murders, torture, unjust rulings, and blatant abuse of the world itself. Atashsang has an agenda. Stop him. Stop his servants from abusing the people.

The following is written in a different, finer handwriting.
After hundreds of years I became a Paladin of Torag. I saw his ideals agreeable and I sided with his line of thought to gain power and help the world. It was not that simple. The planes are out of balance and perhaps cut off. You need to restore the world and its natural order. Years after I first learned and used my powers, perhaps hundred or so years, definitely before I had you Hanz, my powers stopped. I simply ran out. Be wary and use your powers wisely and not wastefully. You must repair the world. I have seen people like you before, though not from the old world. Sometimes a sorcerer escapes, sometimes an alchemist starts experimenting and gains access to magic. They are all eliminated. Atashsang has reserved all use of magic for himself and his minions. From what I see, your archaic party has been the most successful so far.

My final piece of advice to you is this. This godking, this monster, and perhaps his entire following. They play by no rules. Be wary of them. Be careful. This world of ours may seem peaceful and functional on the surface and maybe even to some of its citizens it may very well be. But there are much darker secrets with its rulers and outside the safety of the city walls.

In closing I wou-

After the party saw to the dead and read their message, they headed into Neuelm.

Neuelm Undergrounds
Why did I agree to that with the dragon...

As the cool morning breeze rolled in from the sea to clear the fog away from Portland, the party began their last preparations for going back to Neuelm. Their equipment were in order, their dependents were sorted, and plans were made for progress in Portland.

Before heading out on one of town’s cars, the party were approached by one of the construction workers with a surprise. During the party’s past few weeks of business, the town had prepared a house for them. Almost an identical model to their apartment on Neuelm and built in place of one of the destroyed houses of Portland. However, after quickly celebrating their new home and checking up the mystery sorcerer from the generator, they were on their way.

In a few hours they had arrived at the forest outpost. The three story house made from the ground up with a mix of magic and good old fashioned engineering. Upon entering, they found footprints. Muddy, yet not fresh. They also found their printing machine cut in half, most of their books burned, and the rest of their house searched. Soon it was confirmed by Tintin, Professor Cox’s small assistant robot, that their guesses were correct. Several people, clad in silver armor and showing the Atash symbol stormed the house several days ago and did this. The party’s flowers were also trampled.

After some discussion, the party moved south. Quickly observing the new construction taking place on the city walls but skillfully and stealthily moving to the Waterfall’s secret entrance, pulling the yellow flower, and walking in. While their old tunnel had been blocked due to a collapsed ceiling, a new tunnel further down had opened up. Seeing no other alternative, the party took the new tunnel.

Upon entering, it was concluded that this area must have been a living area of some sort. Rooms with beds and a few closets, some common rooms, and the sorts. However, it was empty of inhabitants. No one, dead or alive, was anywhere to be seen. Until Hamlim opened a door and was welcomed by a grizzly sight and a foul smell. Corpses littered the ground, most of them decomposing or defiled by some insect or creature. This room’s ceiling had crumbled and as the party had guessed previously, it was the design of the second earthquake. While the party did their best to avoid that room, it was inevitable that they had to cross it as it was the only other exit from that place. It was not that simple however. As they attempted to open the door on the far side of the room, they were attacked! Two carrion golems rose from the defiled corpses on the ground, supported by a giant centipede. While the situation was expertly handled by the party, it was a nasty and disgusting fight.

Soon after the party came to a small cave. Inside was to their surprise, a sleeping green dragon. Shivek, seeing the opportunity (seriously what the fuck) began befriending the dragon. At first, a very risky maneuver, he asserted his status as the alpha of his own pack in front of the dragon, and later he asserted his dominance over the dragon. In the end, in a very strange turn of events, the young green dragon has been recruited into the party. This will certainly not backfire.

Portland's management
Town sim 2015

Upon their arrival, the party was quick to get to work to address a few issues in Portland.

The first issue upon their arrival was their prisoners. The decision was made to utilize the recently vacated government outpost south of the town. After a quick scouting trip showed that it had been completely stripped and vacated it was deemed safe enough to store two relatively harmless individuals. The party stood at the uncomfortable position of not being able to release them, since they immediately confessed that they would rush to authorities and explain everything, nor being able to kill them, since they had done nothing wrong but being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The second issue, was the party’s previous dependants. The dwarf “children” and the construction workers. While initially both were occupied with the construction of the saw mill, that was quickly over. As such the construction workers were assigned to helping with the reconstruction of the town and the dwarfs were taught the ways of the forge and assigned there until the party checks on them again.

The largest issue however was food. Operating on the assumption that the city was no longer to receive food the party began planning and preparing farms and fishing systems for the town. Their reasonings for the incoming food shortage was that not only was the town attacked by the Tyranny (as the party has taken to calling the Atashin or the government) but also its sole reason for existence, the town’s “hospital” was burned down. Regardless, farms were made, boat schematics drawn, and self sustenance of food was scheduled for week four or five of next month.

Now that the town was somewhat well managed however, the party decided to pay a visit south to Neuelm. The needed to check on the state of the town, now that they were sure it would take at least a month for power to come back. And they also needed to check on the science fair which was scheduled to happen this week. The question remained however: How were they planning to get in?

The microwave
Because nothing bad happens when you start arresting people.

Made minor progress in the outpost.

While the furnishings of the outpost was a few days from being over, the party decided to depart towards Portland. Partly because of better leadership capabilities, partly to not have to constantly move to and from the outpost, and partly out of fear that their position may have been compromised.

As such, to the minor annoyance of the construction workers, the party left the outpost with only Tintin in charge of printing more books and tending the flowers.

On their trip, besides running into the local wildlife and the acquisition of a rather large snake as a new party member, the ran into a car dragging a cart behind it. An ambush was set up and skillfully executed. The two orc drivers dispatched and the passengers arrested and threatened. The cargo, was discovered to be a device for generating intense heat in short periods of time.

The party decided to move on towards Portland and deal with the Coast land scientist and his device later.

Tom and Brad
These guys aren't in their time too!

After the party’s last exploit, they decided to take the next few days slowly and quietly.

First, they spent a good amount of time interviewing the two dwarfs who were rescued. Shortly after their waking, it was found that the two dwarfs were 20 years old when they were given to the government by their parents. Of course their memories have been slightly damaged but it seems to the party that the last time they were awake it was the year 991. These were teenage/young adults, at the time of their maturity when taken away by the Tyranny.

Afterwards, the party headed into the city to both gather information about the situation and also to exploit said situation to their benefit. What they gather is that the city is in the initial shock stage of a great tragic event. There are many people in the streets, especially at the government’s buildings, both asking about the situation and giving their own opinions about the situation and the government’s handling (or lack thereof) of it.

The party also got a brief look at the remnants of their handiwork, a 15 meter long jet of electric blueish flame, still ablaze in the entrance to the power generator.

Afterwards the party retreated to their forest outpost, not long after receiving several crossbow bolts in their boat as a parting gift.

The Power Generator
The power! It's people!

After the party’s recent endeavors in being careful and recon, they jumped to action. The party decided to let Professor Cox prepared a massive bomb with the intent of destroying the city’s power generator and use the ensuing chaos and damage to their benefit.

Through some amount of care and a large amount of luck, the party delivered the bomb to the doorsteps of the power generator. Thankfully, being lightly guarded, they quickly dispatched the two orcs at the door and using Khosrow’s orc disguise, they entered. Taking several long flights of stairs down into a vast empty room, they were greeted by two lightning elementals. Beings familiar to those of the old world but completely alien to those of the new one. After the ensuing conflict was resolved, they finally took in the details of the room.

At its center, a large supporting pillar, two metal coils, a great many cables, and a man exuding electricity. At the north end, many complex machines with features ranging from miniature clockwork systems to completely baffling electrical machines. At the west wall, sixteen containers for the power generated there, and at the south wall, a covered corpse on a metal bed, and three containers full of green goo, preserving three bodies.

After short deliberations of their current situation, saving two of the people in vats, taking note of the power generation mechanism and in particular the fact that it was extracting magic., the party lit the fuse on their bomb and bolted out of the generator facility. A long minute later, and the loud rumble and the electrical blueish fire that exploded out of the power generator entrance was a sure sign that their mission was successful.

Quickly taking note of the fact that most likely the entire garrison will be coming down on them at this very moment, they gathered the three people they managed to save, took their boat, and left the city in as much of a hurry as they could.

New home

After securing the town, the party got to helping out and organizing. First however, was the task of getting the town on their side. With the guidance of Khosrow and the talent of Tyrael, the town soon believed their side of the story and began to listen to them. Especially since Jane, the town’s leader figure had been killed in the fires.

The Shooting Star
Have you ever been hunted?

The party retreated to their forest outpost to think more on their plans, they noticed a curious oddity. A shooting star, streaking across the sky. However, this star shone brighter and slower than anything they had seen before. It traveled north over their heads and landed thirty leagues north.

Before heading out to scout out what happened to their north, they headed out to the city one more time to buy supplies and to see what the aftermath of their escape has been. So far not much has been changed besides the fact that the bar that they were using for has been burnt to the ground. with a single piece of paper in front of it with the symbol of Atashsang upon it.

After leaving the city, they put Prof. Cox’s servant on the duty of printing more books and head out north. After a couple run ins with the forest wild life, which seems to have aggressively evolved and changed from a thousand years ago, they arrive at their destination.

Their destination, was Port Land.

Upon arrival, they noticed many burnt buildings among which there was the hospital, which was now a five story tall charred frame of a building and several houses amongst which was Jane’s home.

This act of arson however was committed by several heavily armored men who walked out of a large obsidian sphere which is assumed to be the initially seen shooting star.

Knowing this information, the party begins securing the town and their perimeter.

The Forest Outpost
Are you happy that you killed your pet? ;_;

The most memorable event of the week was the construction of the forest outpost. A ways out of the city, during the course of the past week, the party and the recently rescued workers and engineer managed to construct a small house with a few rooms and a bit of a roof.

Day five and it was time for Tyrael and a party member, who happened to be Shivek, to meet with the Cobras. In return for Tyrael’s actions (of cloroforming a high ranking member of the Cobras) two months of their products were promised away as an apology.

Meanwhile, Khosrow has been busy with helping with the construction when he noticed a strange and colorful plant creeping up on their home. In the course of a day and a half it’s trying to climb up their house. He pokes and prods it with a fire to spook it away and it seems to have worked.

Before leaving the city for the forest post, they realize that there is the problem of dealing with Professor Cox’s attachments to the city. His old job, his new job, his house where people will look for him. Their solution? To stage his death. After procuring a corpse (Tyrael know people) and preparing an accidental looking fire, they burn down his house.

With smoke behind them, they leave for the forest outpost. Upon arrival, they too notice the plant. Shivek begins befriending it. The plant acts surprisingly friendly and animal like and seems to have no intentional harm towards them. However, Khosrow seeing an opportunity and also holding some personal grudge against the plant from before (when the plant disarmed) charges it and begins attacking it. The plant despite being fairly strong, begins backing off. However being pretty much surrounded, any move of it is seen as a threat and it is killed and turned into a bunch of brown goop in a matter of minutes.

The party goes back to planning, preparing, and figuring out their lives.

One week over, one fight fought.
That robot was supposed to be harder...

After the party had agreed to help the construction workers escape in exchange for some of their work, they begun the preparation for their fight.

While the party prepared Tyrael managed to set up a meeting with the angry mob to offer an apology, a month’s supply in exchange for his initial transgresion. While this was yet to be agreed upon, Tyrael was to bring the suppliers to a meeting with the crime organization.

The next day, the day of the fight, the party prepared an ambush in the remains of the construction site. Lokius’ “police” force arrived, begun lining up the construction workers for an execution when the trap was sprang. After a superbly well fought battle with a robot construct and a successful escape through the sewer system and the Waterfall’s secret exit, they were outside the city walls and headed for one of their older camp sites.

All but Tyrael and Hamlim who remained behind.


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