Player Housing

Safe house in Neuelm:

A four room apartment in Neuelm, this safe house served as the party’s first point of organization and preparation within the city. While initially it was deemed fitting for their purposes, it has been for now left empty in favor of the forest outpost.

Forest Outpost:

A wooden building built a few miles out of the Neuelm city and in the forest border. Two stories tall with a watchtower and with a basement, it has adequate room for the party, their belongings, and the crew of engineers they rescued. Currently the only inhabitant is the robot servant Tin Tin who is printing books and tending the garden of poisonous flowers.

House in Portland:

A four room house. An almost exact copy of the apartment in Neuelm. Was quickly constructed and furnished. Most of the material used in this house was scavenged from the remains of the other houses. On windy nights, there is a faint smell of charcoal in the air near the house.

Player Housing

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