World Geography


The main continent is called “Shiraz”. It is a single, rather large island, roughly 5000 × 3000 miles. It has five major extremely large cities. Shomal, Golsara, Markaz, Isfahan, Abas. There are very many little cities all across the continent for many different reasons ranging from long term research to farming or simply travel stops. There is a very large mining operation in the mountain ranges of the north.

Southern Island:

This island, about 1/3 of the size of Shiraz is the origin of the orcs. After the great war roughly two thousand years ago the orcs were beaten in Shiraz and finally kicked all the way back to the southern island. Shiraz has staged many small and large cities dotted across both the southern coast of Shiraz and northern coast of Southern Island. to keep the orcs from further incursions into the mainland. Small and large battles and campaigns have been raging across that area for the past tow thousand years.


The world does not have rotating seasons. Only specific bioms. In Shiraz you can see the snowny north, the dry deserts and rocky environments if center east, the forests of the center west and the flat green coasts.
In the southern island you can see the central Sahara and the jungly coasts.

World exploration / Flat vs. globe / celestial bodies:

There have been many attempts to explore the world past the great seas however no one has ever returned from these explorations in any direction. Roughly three thousand years ago it was concluded that the world is indeed flat. The sun however does not always rise and fall in the same place but rather slowly moves it’s high point from south to north and back during the 12 months of the year. The two moons however both rise and fall at the same points in the horizon. Navigation via stars is possible as the night sky never changes (besides The Tear)

World Geography

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