Cleansing by Fire

The journey of a party from a thousand years ago in a world almost hand crafted by a new god who has banished the old gods away in favor of his own rules.

How much truth will the party uncover? Who will they work with? Who will they work against? How long will they last? How much of their own world will the manage to bring back?

To this day they have managed to find a safehouse, gather a group of new recruits, and start formulating a plan. Their plan? To take over a city. Will they survive their rebellion? Will their cult succeed? How many can they save?

In the days that came, the party slowly progressed towards accidentally ruling a nearby village. Arrested a scientist that refused to see their side of the story. Bombed the nearby city’s power generator. Uncovered the truth behind the new world’s power generation. And made farms. Now, the get closer and closer to their inevitable clash with Lokius, the ruler of the nearby city.

Game Calendar

D: 1/10
W: 7/10
M: 3/5
Y: 1044

The months:
Food, Industry, Science, Mining, Exploration

The summit has been rescheduled for week 7

Big boat by d6w8
South farm by d6w8
Church by d10w9m3 – d1w5m4


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