New World Geography

The world looks more or less the same outside two major exceptions.

First the southern island seems to be split in two and is referred to as the gate to the prison.

The second is the hole where Markaz used to be. According to Dave, this crater is as deep as the city was high and as wide as the city walls were.

Outsides the cities and towns the nature seems to have taken a turn for the aggressive. From the comparisons the party has made and the things they’ve seen the forest is more aggressive, more vicious, and much more defensive. The forest is thick and the animals don’t seem to take too kindly to intrusions.

The water seems calmer on the outside however from their understanding is just like the forest much more vicious outside a certain radius of the shore line.

Port Land: A small science town north of Neuelm. Dedicated to studying frozen materials or archaeological discoveries. Recently suffered a small scale attack and lost several buildings, including the centerpiece of the town and its main reason for existence: It’s hospital and research center.

Neuelm: A city of science. Somewhere on the western coast of the mainland. Ruled by Lukios. Has an underground movement called the Waterfall. After the party managed to find a safe house inside the city, they begun the process of making one outside the walls as well. Outside, the city is surrounded by a relatively dense forest and a few dirt roads in poor condition.

Coast Land: A small village north of Port Land.

New World Geography

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