Notable Characters



Khosrow: Half-Elf Inquisitor, High Preacher of the Church of Everlight.

Shivek Pairteach: In short, this is what you get when you give a kid some wilderness and magic training, and then make him feel unwelcome in his community. In long, after Shivek’s human father died, the rest of the community saw fit to make him feel less than welcome.

Bolof Bluemountain: The dwarf that accompanied the party into the ice caves. Unfortunately he didn’t survive the thawing process.

Hamlim: Human Bard

Tyrael: A human who was born and raised in these strange new lands. Originally merely just a worker in a pharmacy, he secretly was a drug dealer on the side with a penchant for deviant activities. Joined the party thinking of making some quick money, and ended up caught in a conspiracy to topple the current regime.

Professor Cox: ?


Jane: Elf. Male. Somewhat tan. Shorter than average ears. Black eyes. Often seen wearing a shirt/pants combo. The surgeon/scientist you woke up to. Seems like the boss type person at the (apparently) hospital building you currently reside at.

Dave: Human. Male. Pale. Average height. Brown eyes. Bald. A patient at the hospital. Poisoned during his explorations. Has told the party about how his city was “ascended” after they outgrew their use.

Hanz: Dwarf, Female. Tan. Average dwarf height. Black eyes. Hints of facial hair. Self proclaimed leader of the underground movement called “The Waterfall”. Working to break the chain of ‘either work or get abducted’ of the world Trying to bring freedom to the people.

Lukios: 10ft tall as seen from his silhouettes atop his tall tower. No one that you know of has seen him. Ruler of Neuelm.

Thori Fireheart: 3ft9. Pale. White hair. White beard. At least a thousand years old. The actual leader of the Waterfall and father of Hanz.

Andrew: Elf. Male. Average height. Nervous scientific guy met in the bar. Had problems with a super high temperature engine. Party promised him help.

Johnson: Human. Male. Tall. Construction crew boss. Currently lives in the forest outpost.

Thompson: Elf. Male. Medium height. Project Manager and architect. Currently lives in the forest outpost.

Tom & Brad: Two Dwarfs that were rescued from the power plant.

Rick: Human. Male. Medium height. Has a boat. Was a chef. Now a fisherman.

Prisoners: One scientist (Elf, brown hair, short, wears dark, has glasses) and his assistant/bodyguard (Human, black, black hair,, tall, wears leather, has hand wraps) . Were dragging their invention, a heat generator machine, to Neuelm when they were arrested by the party.

Notable Characters

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