Notable Factions

The Atash:

The current ruling faction of the world. Ruled by Atashsang, the deity that purged the old world with a fiery cataclysm. He changed the order and the shape of the world to that of his liking. He has put in place a new order composed of unknown entities that rule cities to simple orcs – whom are now composed of obsidian rather than their previously grey skins – to enforce said rule.

The Church of Everlight:

The player faction. This new faction created by the party, serves to be the beginning of a new rebellion. It loosely follows the pillars of Sarenrae. However, its most important aspect is the introduction of a new way of life and giving new hope to people under the rule of Atashsang.

The Waterfall:

While initially conceived as a rebellion group to free themselves of the rule of Atashsang, it has been reduced to a simply tolerated tiny group of outliers who refuse to fall in line with the rest of the world. While they are acting against the government, their actions are small and mostly limited to merely (barely) rescuing people who are on the brink of abduction and expulsion.

All that remains now from this once rebellious group, is an empty crumbling underground tunnel system and the messages they gave and left for the old world party.

The Cobras:

A criminal organization operating in Neuelm. While not much is known about them, those who deal in illegal activities would do well to remain on the good side of this organization. The are responsible for thefts, drug distributions, and even some assassinations (though only rumored) across the city.

Notable Factions

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